Katia Walsh

Dr. Katia Walsh’s career spans over 20 years of fuelling digital innovation by harnessing big data, advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. She is one of the very few global chief data officers with a command of the full spectrum of data capabilities: data governance, big data platforms, analytics services and digital solutions. As Vodafone’s first chief data and analytics officer, Walsh has led the prioritisation of data as an asset and elevated it to one of the company’s most important areas of focus at group board level. Among her achievements at Vodafone, she has developed a big data and advanced analytics strategy and delivered on the company’s aspiration to harness the combination of new data, technologies and techniques to solve complex, high-impact business problems. She has also launched big data and advanced analytics capabilities in seven Vodafone operation countries and spearheaded architecture and delivery of a big data platform with 17 Petabytes of capacity, ranking among the top 10 EMEA big data platforms.