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Lloyds Banking Group (with input from the UK’s Alzheimer’s Society and 24 financial service companies) developed the “DementiaFriendly Financial Services Charter,” a guide for all financial services organizations to help make the industry more dementia-friendly. The guide identifies ways this can be done, such as providing customers with signature cards that don’t require the customer to remember long passwords, preventing the sale of inappropriate products to those with dementia, and promoting an environment where those with dementia can easily discuss their customer needs. Another suggestion is to appoint a champion who drives the principles of the charter at each branch—a principle that the Bank of American Fork adopted for its age-friendly champion program. Lloyds has committed to making its branches more accessible for people with physical or cognitive impairment. Lloyds operates a disability services support team, which helps front-line colleagues with disability-related questions. This program includes a form that asks the customer about his or her needs and preferences, including the use of a quiet room or extra time to make financial decisions. These preferences are listed as part of the customer’s account and allow front-line employees to address them when the customer contacts the bank. Lloyds has noticed a substantial reduction in bank complaints as a result of this program.

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Industry: Banking
Headquarters: London, England, United Kingdom
Founded Date: 1/1/2009
Employees Number: 10001+
Funding Status: IPO
Estimated Revenue: $1B to $10B

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