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Our company, Sky Labs, is developing a ring-type Cardio Tracker, CART to help continuous monitoring of atrial fibrillation which is difficult to diagnose even in a hospital in daily life. According to a disease statistics study released in 2004, atrial fibrillation is a very common chronic disease that occurs in 1 out of 4 people in their 40s or older. As stated in the Atrial Fibrillation Report from the UK's Atrial Fibrillation Association in 2012, the biggest problem is that atrial fibrillation is not diagnosed in 1 in 2 patients because it is not accompanied by severe subjective symptoms and hard to find due to the intermittent properties. To diagnose atrial fibrillation, the following three features of continuous monitoring are essential. Our product, CART, is equipped with these features to fully maximize the benefits of continuous monitoring. 1) Comfortability as a wearable device : You can always wear CART on a daily basis. Additionally, it is even water-proof and dust-proof. So, you don't have to take it off while taking a shower, or washing hands. 2) No-user intervention : By just wearing it on any finger which fits for you, every measurement is performed on the background basis without any intervention. 3) Medical proof & Accuracy : Diagnosis is based on the conventional diagnosis method of cardiologists. By simply wearing CART on user's finger, CART continuously detects atrial fibrillation without any user intervention. CART detects and records atrial fibrillation, so users can track and manage their heart health status. In addition, users can diagnose atrial fibrillation whenever they want and see the results on their smartphone. By merely tapping CART, users can make event logs and analyze atrial fibrillation data at that moment when it occurs. Finally, the collected atrial fibrillation data can be used to help the physician diagnose of the atrial fibrillation. Initial target market is 0.2 million atrial fibrillation patients in Finland. Total target market is 300 million people to diagnose atrial fibrillation and tens of million subjects in clinical trials. Sky Labs is currently conducting clinical trials with the Seoul National University Hospital to verify the device's performance and is analyzing clinical data on heart disease. And, Sky Labs is working with global pharmaceutical company Bayer to make innovative healthcare business.

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Technology: Other
Industry: Clinical Trials, Electronics, Health Care, Hospital
Headquarters: South Korea
Founded Date: 42255
Employees Number: 43840
Funding Status: Early Stage Venture
Last Funding Date: 43678
Last Funding Type: Series A

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